We are celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

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One year ago today (April 26)

View More: promised to love each other forever.

We traveled to Portugal to attend a wedding this past weekend, and watching that couple commit to each other just like we did  a year ago,  was so special.

Weddings have that power to make you feel all kinds of beautiful things, you feel warm and cozy inside… you leave the place inspired by love.

I closed my eyes to  remember every detail of my wedding for a minute… and all the time after that…

 And I wouldn’t change a thing.

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You are all that I have longed for…

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you have made my dreams come true…

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There is no greater gift to have,

that being loved by you.

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View More: is the man I married,

He is  a wonderful man…

and awesome…  and loving…  and talented…


thankfully mine.

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My blessing.

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 photo credit  Handlebar Studios

Thank you Stephanie!

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be with my love that day.

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