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Becky and Tim

Then you came along Like the first star every night Bright, brilliant, full of promise Like a ray of light You light up my days Light up my nights And fill my life with hope  

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Briana and Mark | Plymouth Engagement

Re-edits from 2012  Plymouth Engagement      

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Tatiana & Caio | Richmond | II

Your eyes which first held me captivated where I stood. Your smile to dazzle the sun and warm every corner of my soul. Your voice like a sparkling mountain stream which flows into my heart.  

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Tatiana & Caio | Richmond | I

From 2013 Re-edited It’s always a pleasure to photograph Tati and Caio! I love Tati’s ideas and we always have such a good time. This are some photos I took of them in 2013, re-edited, I separate the the images in 3 blog posts, this is part I. Enjoy!      

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