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November it’s almost over! Happy Thursday and happy thanksgiving for those who celebrate today! I’m not in the USA anymore but I’m thankful for every blessing we’ve received this year. I’m sharing this photo as I go to bed ( first time sleeping in our new place)  I’m thankful for the kindhearted people that surround us…

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Hello, I’m still here.

Hi! It’s been a while… Hope you are having a good weekend! I decided to write a little bit on my blog to let you know that I haven’t abandoned it. I’ve been studying. Taking classes in French is really nice and at the same time stressful and so hard for me but I’m pulling…

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Hello March!

  These last days have been tough and full of pressure for me, but I’m learning a lot about myself in the process, and I see how lucky (actually how blessed) I am! To have such a supportive husband. He believes in me and what I’m doing. It’s funny that I’m the only one who…

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Almost Gone

Saying good bye to this year… Sending to God all my hopes and dreams, expecting a 2017 full of good things, good surprises, happy moments to live, to watch, to capture with my eyes, my heart and my camera! DAY 329 of the year

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  Find me on Instagram at @thisisjoicekelly I like to share my photos on instagram. by far it is my favorite social media site. I’ve been mor excited to share anything there, more than on facebook lately… It’s a great place for people who love photography, taking pictures or seeing them. I post almost every…

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Getting to know a little part of Châtel, Haute-Savoie. The highest Village in the Abondance Valley.  French Alps Read about Châtel HERE

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