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Wedding Decoration

Thinking about your wedding decoration? Sometimes simple elements can make your wedding more unique and beautiful than expensive flowers. and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. I love how Soraia and Daniel included an old typewriter to the table at the entrance of their wedding reception. It made all the difference.  …

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Soraia & Daniel | Mobile Photos | Iphone 6

Stuart and I flied to Portugal for Soraia and Daniel’s Wedding. on our way to “Quinta da Falca” We got lost… but all the places we went were so nice that I almost wanted to stay there. Everything was so beautiful, and here are some photos I took at the wedding with my phone. All…

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Lili & Rafa | Married | I

We were so pleased to be part of a great day, very special and certainly much awaited by friends, family and especially by the cute couple in this post. Stuart, who sometimes seems more Brazilian than me, being French had already many friends in Brazil  even before visiting the country for the first time,  Rafa…

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