Lene & Leo | Married

Lene & Leo | Married




This couple’s simplicity and honesty was captivating, we were close to them experiencing the moments prior to the wedding. The bridal party and some friends stayed in a beautiful house, the same place the wedding took place, we had a good time enjoying the weather, visiting nice places, but also helping with the last details of the wedding. Idalene took care of everything making sure everything would work out as planned, despite the problems and the craziness of the night before, everything came together just the way it had to be, God blessed. I think the bride was glad she made the decision of having the ceremony inside when she saw the rain falling as the sermon began. Because she wanted it to be outside but imagine everyone running away,  thankfully it wasn’t the case. It was such a beautiful wedding anyway.

2016-06-28_00052016-06-28_0008They made us cry with the vows. He sang to her and we sang along!

An unforgettable wedding day with the right to jump in the pool at the end. So much fun!

Our best wishes to the happy couple!

2016-06-28_0010 2016-06-28_0016

The Groom getting ready

2016-06-28_0004 2016-06-28_0001 2016-06-28_0002

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