Lili & Rafa | Married | I

Lili & Rafa | Married | I


We were so pleased to be part of a great day, very special and certainly much awaited by friends, family and especially by the cute couple in this post. Stuart, who sometimes seems more Brazilian than me, being French had already many friends in Brazil  even before visiting the country for the first time,  Rafa and Lili were two of them, they visited Paris in 2011, since then, they’ve kept in touch.


It was really cool to be part of this wedding, Rafael and Liliane had two ceremonies on the same day, the civil one, in which we were part of the bridal party, and the religious one. Both ceremonies were beautiful. Stuart even did the translation from English to Portuguese for the FIRST time, it was a little hard for him, but he managed… I’m so proud of my babe.

Lili was  a beautiful bride, she wore three different stunning dresses, 

they got married in a  castle in São Paulo, Brazil.  The decoration was wonderful and the place was just perfect.



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