2016-05-01_0016xWe went to a nice place near our house to do this quick photoshoot,

 because of course we had to do a photoshoot for our first year of marriage.


Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThe traditional gift is paper.

So we got two paper boxes to style it as a cake and decorated

a table with items that are special for  us. our wedding invitation, a book,

some messages and letters we sent to each other when we were dating.

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 One year! We are just at the beginning of this journey and we’ve learned so much from each other and about life.

For me who have always lived with my parents until right before I got married, the change was drastic, 180 degrees!

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All the responsibilities of being independent, plus we became responsible for each other and our future.

All the house duties and food making, has been an adventure for me, even though my mom gave me all the instructions on how to get

stuff done around the house and everything about being a wife, my husband’s lifestyle has been totally different than mine,

his ways of doing things are different and our challenges in the new house began with simply trying to organize the fridge!

We got mad and turned our backs to each other… It’s funny to think about it now!

In 1 year we have changed a lot and we’ve happily found solutions,  we are finding our own way to make things work with what

we’ve learned from our parents, and adapting to each other’s culture.

If you don’t know yet he is French and I’m Brazilian.


Vive L’amour!

Marriage is a blessing! and I’m SO happy with the man I choose to marry.

I want this love to last for ever.

The picture below is from our first photoshoot together, the same month we met, (December 2011)

Those pictures hold a special place in my heart. I remember how I felt that day. The whole experience was amazing.

I’m so glad we documented the beginning of our story.2016-05-01_0012xx

Much love and many thanks to our friend Isabel Ollinger.

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and now the tripod is our best friend!

poor stuart having to stop everywhere for pictures,

(he is not always happy about that) but kindly does it for me. 🙂

That’s how life with a photographer is lol

Love you baby! Thanks for all your patience and for taking care of me like you do.2016-05-01_0014