Anniversary Shoot – Tatiana & Caio | 1 Year | Plymouth

Anniversary Shoot – Tatiana & Caio | 1 Year | Plymouth

2016-05-06_0081I was very excited to work with Tati in this session because I knew she had many ideas and she is a very creative person who loves details. Photos from 2012, re-edited.

Tati took care of all the details with Caio’s help. They brought a bouquet made of paper, paper curtains, and other cute little things you will see in the pictures.

Caio was so patient and calm, I know guys don’t like taking pictures that much, but he helped Tatiana set up everything , they looked so cute working together on the scenario for our shoot. I helped too but I let them put every detail exactly where they wanted them to be and it looked amazing. I am really happy the images came out exactly as a we had envisioned.


34 2016-05-06_0071 2016-05-06_0080


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